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Arval Mid Term Rental Vans
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Flexible vehicle leasing to suit your business

You need to lease a business vehicle for more than just a few weeks but you don’t want to be stuck with it for longer than it’s required.

That’s exactly when Mid-Term Rental comes in handy. It’s vehicle leasing for anywhere between one month and two years. Simple, effective and flexible – and it’s perfect if you’re:

Awaiting a permanent vehicle

If you’re waiting for an employee to get their permanent, contract hire vehicle, you need to ensure they’re on the road in the meantime

Employing staff for probationary or temporary period

When someone joins your business for a probationary period, temporarily or on a fixed-term contract, you don’t want to have a vehicle left on your hands if and when they leave

Coping with seasonal demand

If your business has periods of seasonal demand over the course of the year, you might require extra vehicles at those times

Delivering specific contracts

Contracts and projects can crop up with little notice, which means you need some extra vehicles, fast

Just choose what category of vehicle you want, how long you want it for and the mileage.

It’ll then be delivered to the driver within 48 hours. It’s that easy.

Standard options include sat nav, parking sensors and Bluetooth. You’ll also get maintenance, breakdown cover and accident management included for a single, competitive price.

You and your business get the right leasing solution – and your employees get the vehicles they need.

Plus, if your plans change and you decide you need the vehicle for more or less time, just get in touch and we’ll sort it for you – with no admin fees to pay.


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Business vehicles on your terms

Only need a vehicle for a short time? Then our Short-Term Rental product could be the answer – simple business vehicle rental for one day to 28 days. Read about our range of vehicle leasing products to see how we might be able to help you and your business.

Take a look at our Mid-Term Rental video to discover more about what we can offer.




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