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Launched onto the UK’s roads in 2000, the smart car broke the mould when it comes to city cars. Since March 2019, smart have been owned 50/50 by Daimler and the Chinese car company Geely, whose brands include Lotus, PROTON and Volvo. Designed with an eye firmly on fun urban driving combined with fuel efficiency and the ability to park in small spaces, the smart car is one of the smallest and most affordable cars on the market.

At first glance, picking a smart couldn’t be easier as the clue is in the name of the models – if a two-seater will work for you then the smart fortwo will do the job, whereas if you need a bit more room then the smart forfour seats four people. But if you look a little closer it’s not quite that straightforward, as smart have a number of models bearing the fortwo and forfour badges.

The smart fortwo coupé is an ultra-compact city car that fits into the tightest of spaces and is also available as a soft-top cabriolet. The smart forfour is a four-door with enough room for four adults as well as plenty of cargo room and, as it’s less than 3.5 metres long, parking will be a breeze. But that’s not all, as city driving coupled with low emissions are part of smart’s DNA, all the smart models also come in 100% electric versions – badged as EQ, they’re the ultimate in environmentally friendly, zero emissions urban driving.



We know that everybody has different leasing needs. Which is why we have a number of flexible options that means we can put together a leasing package that works for you. If hassle-free leasing sounds appealing, then Arval Total Care could work for you – your vehicle will be insured, maintained and covered for breakdowns, so all you need to worry about is fuel. With our Maintenance Package, we’ll take care of everything related to servicing and maintenance and we’ll also include breakdown cover. But if you’re happy to arrange your own insurance, servicing and maintenance, then a straightforward lease could be perfect for you.

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