Our People

Our People

We know that the success of our company depends on our people. We want to attract the right mix of skills, talent and diversity, create a healthy and safe working environment and provide our employees with all of the opportunities, training and motivation they need to be the best that they can be.

Health & Wellbeing to us is about being emotionally fit as well as physically fit. That’s why we don’t just have an on-site gyms and support fitness for our employees - although we do that too! We encourage group activities to connect our people, such as choirs and book groups, provide free fruit to promote healthy eating, and have a network of trained Mental Health advisors to provide emotional support and guidance for colleagues when they may need it the most.

We know that most people don’t like to stand still in their careers. So we give everyone the opportunity to grow by providing a whole host of learning and development opportunities. And by making sure there’s something for everyone, we give all of our people the chance to shine.

We’re very proud to be an inclusive employer. We work hard to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities and that each and every person in the company is treated fairly – it’s not just that it makes good business sense or that we’re fulfilling our legal obligations, it’s because we know it’s the right thing to do.

You can take a look at our latest Gender Pay Report or watch our video on diversity and inclusion below.