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Tuesday, 23 June, 2020

Based on Government advice, a new document called ‘COVID-19: A two step guide to vehicle safety principles’, has been produced by Arval UK for fleet managers.

The official recommendations have been distilled down to three pages to help fleets return to work safely, using information from the Government’s detailed ‘Working safely during COVID-19’ guide.

Arval UK Head of Consultancy, Shaun Sadlier explained: “The new document delivered by the Government provides a strong basis for future fleet risk management of COVID-19 for businesses that operate company cars and vans. The content makes a lot of sense.

“However, it’s a lengthy document and we’ve created an abridged version that includes all of the relevant principles and ideas, but in a format that is faster and easier for fleet decision makers to use on a day-to-day basis.

“The fact is that some industries are going through the process of returning to work very quickly and we are keen to provide ways of making this as easy – and safe – as possible for our customers. The new guide very much fits in with that thinking.”

Shaun added that Arval UK had been taking part in ongoing conversations with fleets of all types and sizes about how to effectively manage the risks associated with COVID-19 during the lockdown period.

“In a matter of weeks, a consensus had started to emerge about what best practice would look like for the majority of fleets. We are pleased to see that these ideas largely agree with those being recommended by the Government.

“Taking the official guidance and the ideas that have been developed by the industry itself, we now have a  framework that can be used as a yardstick across the sector, which is obviously crucial as a widespread process of returning to work begins.

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‘COVID-19 Vehicle Safety Principles’ is available here and forms part of our “The Journey Goes On” campaign to help the country get back to work safely.

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