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Tuesday, 29 January, 2019

Fleets should continue to monitor the fast-changing EV situation throughout 2019 if they are to maximise the opportunities that these vehicles represent, says Arval. Shaun Sadlier, Head of Consulting at the vehicle leasing company, said that a range of factors from the models available to infrastructure to supply were all still developing rapidly.

He explained: “Fleets that have discounted EVs in the past should keep an open mind as the situation is developing on an almost month-by-month basis. We believe that they should revisit their original thinking regularly to see how things have changed.” Shaun said that the current picture was exemplified by the range of electric vehicles available, which tended towards the upper and lower ends of the market. At the moment there are some great electric vehicles on the market, but there is no getting away from the fact that choice is still limited.

“We lack more cars that can serve as direct alternatives to staple fleet models with a range of perhaps 250 miles and hopefully a recognised badge and established dealer network. However, these cars are coming relatively soon in the shape of the Hyundai Kona, Tesla 3, Volkswagen ID and others."

Similarly, Shaun said, the availability of charging points in certain areas is becoming less of a barrier. “The charging infrastructure is growing all the time, of course, but of more interest to fleets is the availability of chargers in places where their cars are being used. Just the addition of a few extra points in specific areas can make all the different to the viability of EVs.”

Shaun added that Arval was committed to ensuring that fleets had the information needed to monitor the viability of EVs on an ongoing basis. “Matching vehicle fuel type to vehicle need is a key element of our new SMaRT fleet consultancy process and we are confident that we are able to help individual fleets identify the tipping points at which EVs should become part of their fuel mix.”


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