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E.g., 01/2021
E.g., 01/2021
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Tuesday, 6 October, 2020

For 30 years, and thanks to the support of BNP Paribas Group, Arval has successfully focussed its expertise on full-service leasing. It is now firmly positioned as a market leader, with an average leased fleet growth of 7.4% over the last 5 years and an impressive 6.6% growth in September 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Company News
Thursday, 1 October, 2020

Arval AutoSelect – at autoselect.arval.co.uk – will be a new and innovative route to reach consumers with some of the company’s most attractive ex-lease stock.

Arval UK highly rated for customer service by Autotrader
Company News
Thursday, 6 August, 2020

We have been recognised by AutoTrader for the customer experience it provides to used car buyers. Since last year, it has been working with the new and used car sales website to offer a nationwide home delivery solution to consumers. This means that customers can view and buy its vehicles online and we will then deliver them to their chosen UK location for free.

Company News
Wednesday, 8 July, 2020

Arval UK has reorganised its commercial team, following the appointment of Paul Hyne as its director in January, to meet changing customer needs.

Company News
Tuesday, 19 May, 2020

Arval, the leading international full service vehicle leasing and mobility specialist, is launching a comprehensive proposition designed for the post-lockdown period. 

Company News
Tuesday, 28 January, 2020

Workers had a glimpse of the future as an electric driverless taxi was tested for the first time at Arval’s Paris headquarters.

Company News
Tuesday, 24 September, 2019

BNP Paribas Personal Finance partners with Arval to offer one stop shop to purchase and finance used stock

Company News
Thursday, 18 July, 2019

Please be aware that a potential fraud issue has been brought to our attention.  Two clone entities, calling themselves ‘Austin Finance’ and 'Marc Finance Ltd', have been issuing marketing materials and cold calling members of the public offering investment opportunities.

Please note that whilst there is an ‘Austin Finance’ entity, and a 'Marc Finance Ltd' entity, which each form part of the BNP Paribas Group, these entities:

Company News
Tuesday, 6 November, 2018

Elliott Woodhead, Deputy General Manager for Arval says: “Delivering a great customer experience is a major area of focus for Arval, and we invest a lot into it. At the same time, we are reliant on our people to make the difference for our customers and we are really proud of all our winners, and the teams in Arval who support them.”


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