Arval ID Verification - Broker


We have put together this useful FAQ to help answer the most common questions about the Arval ID verification process. 

Why do you need my ID?

We need to see identification to help us prevent fraud, and protect Arval and our customers

What kind of ID can I use?

  • UK photocard Driving Licence
  • Or a driving licence from:
    • United States of America
    • Canada
    • France
    • Republic of Ireland
    • Italy
    • Netherlands
    • Spain
  • UK passport
  • ICAO-compliant * passport books

*Modern passports with chip characteristics are documented in the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Doc 9303 (ICAO9303).

How do I send you my ID?

You do not need to send us your ID. Please follow the instructions to complete ID verification via our online process You will be prompted to do this before you can sign your contract.

How does the online ID verification process work?

You will be asked to use a smartphone to take a photograph of your ID, and a photograph of your face.

You can start the process on a laptop or desktop computer, but will be directed to your smartphone to complete the verification. You can then return to your computer to sign the documents.

What if I look different to the photo on my ID? Will my hairstyle, beard or glasses affect the process?

The facial recognition software is very clever, and should still be able to recognise you regardless of changes to your appearance.

How many attempts will I get to complete the process?

ID verification may sometimes fail if the image is blurry or contains too much glare. You will be given five attempts to successfully upload your photo and ID, and provided withnstructions at each attempt. If you run out of attempts andyour ID has not been successfully verified. Please contact your sales representative, and we will revert to a manual process where further checks can be completed..

What if the system times out?

You will have 15 minutes per attempt to complete the process, although this should only take a couple of minutes. If the system times out, this will count as one attempt used.

How long will the IDV link be valid for?

The link will be active for 30 days.

What if my name has changed?

Your application should always be in the correct name and match the ID supplied. If there are any differences identified after the ID has been verified we will need to ask you for additional information such as a marriage certificate. If this is identified, your Arval Sales Support Executive will
advise you by email about next steps.

What if my ID has expired or shows an incorrect address?

If your ID has expired, this will need replacing as we can only accept valid forms of identification. If your licence is valid, but shows an incorrect address, we can accept this as a form of ID. However, we recommend you update your licence as you could
face a £1,000 fine.

Can I take a photo of a photo?

In order for the facial recognition software to identify you, the photo submitted must be of the person in the ID, not of an existing photo.

I’ve received a prompt which says ‘no barcode found’, but there isn’t a barcode on my ID.

Not all driving licences have a barcode, so if you receive this prompt and there isn’t a barcode on your ID, you can use the on screen prompt to skip this section.



What will Arval do with the images submitted?

In line with UK requirements, we will store the photo of your ID as proof of your identity. We do not receive or store a copy of the photo of you as this is only used to verify that you are the person in the ID.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

A friend of family member’s smartphone can be used to verify your identification. If you do not have access to a smartphone, please contact us. We will need to revert to a manual process but please note additional checks may be required.

Do I need to verify my ID every time I place an order?

We will require ID verification each time you order additional, or future, vehicles.