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In case of emergency

Accidents or breakdowns

We know it can be stressful when something goes wrong, so we’re here to help.

If your vehicle has broken down:

  • Make sure you’re in a safe place

    Move your vehicle off the road if possible (watch out for any soft verges).If you're on a motorway and can't turn off at the next exit, pull up onto the hard shoulder. Make sure you stop as far to the left as you can, with the wheels turned to the left.

  • Put your hazard lights on

    Turn on your hazard warning lights.If it’s dark or foggy, keep your sidelights on too.

  • Stay well away from moving traffic

    It’s usually safest to get out of your car (using the doors facing away from passing traffic) and wait behind a barrier. If you’re on a motorway, move up the bank if you can and stay upstream of oncoming traffic.Leave any animals in the car.

  • Wear a reflective jacket

    Put on a high-vis jacket if you have one.

  • Don’t put a warning triangle on the hard shoulder

    If you’re on a motorway, it’s not safe to use a warning triangle.If you’re on a road and it’s safe, you can put a warning triangle at least 45m (50 yards) behind your vehicle.

All these steps are in line with the Highway Code Rule 274 which tells you what to do if you break down.

Once it’s safe to do so:

If you have taken breakdown cover from from Arval, typically included with the Arval Maintenance package:

Contact our Customer Support team on 0370 600 4499 and select the option for Breakdown.

We may divert you to your warranty provider, or we may send out our supplier directly. Either way, we will make sure someone is on their way.

If you haven’t taken breakdown cover from Arval:

In the first instance, check your manufacturer warranty, as all vehicles do come with some level of breakdown cover, but the policy and length of cover varies. This information can usually be found in the owners handbook.

If you have your own breakdown cover in place, please refer to your breakdown provider.

If you’ve been involved in an accident:

Make sure you’re in a safe place, and you and any passengers are safe as well.

  • Don’t admit liability – if the other driver admits liability, write it down and ask him/her to sign it.
  • Take as much detail as possible – including the names, addresses and contact numbers of all people involved, including independent witnesses.
  • Make a note of the registration numbers and details of all the vehicles involved.
  • Where possible, take photos or videos of the incident, including the location and anything else that may be relevant.
  • If your vehicle is fitted with a dash cam, please extract the information immediately and notify your insurer, or the Arval Total Care team by email at totalcare@arval.co.uk (if you take Arval Total Care or Accident Management). Please do so regardless of who may be at fault for the incident.
  • CCTV – this is often available in car parks and more often on main roads and motorways. Please review the area to see if the incident could have been captured on camera. If this is the case, please notify your insurer or the Arval Total Care team and we can advise on the next steps to access the information.

Once it’s safe to do so:

If you have taken Arval Total Care or Accident Management:

Contact our Customer Support team on 0370 600 4499 and select the option for Accident. Our friendly team will talk you through what happens next

If you haven’t taken Arval Total Care or Accident Management:

You’ll need to contact your vehicle insurance provider to report the accident and to understand their next steps.

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