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We are proud of the responsible approach that we take to business and the honesty and integrity shown by our employees. We set ourselves high standards to ensure that we are a company you can trust.


If at any time, our employees or external Third Parties would like to report a potential violation against our internal standards, legal regulations or our code of conduct they can. This can be done by sending an email or letter to the following addresses:




Permanent Control & Compliance Director
22 Rue des 2 Gares
92564 Rueil Malmaison


If you prefer, you can complete a whistleblowing declaration form (anonymously if you wish) which will be sent to the email address above.


We guarantee confidentiality of information in accordance with legal regulations and our internal whistle-blowing guidelines. You may send us your concerns anonymously, however we will be unable to ask you additional questions should the circumstances or facts require further explanation. All notifications will be investigated considerately and with discretion. Any proven violations will be dealt with in accordance with internal disciplinary policy and/or legal/regulatory orders.


Please be assured that we will not contact you on your company phone number or company e-mail address if not stated in the contact details above. Please tell us the best time for communication (with your contact details) should you want us to call you on a private telephone number.


Please read your statement carefully before sending it to us. We keep the provided information strictly confidential as described in the Ethics Alert Procedure.