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Tyres in the UK are legally required to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tyre, all the way round. Arval - and our tyre partners ATS Euromaster - recommend replacing them at 2mm.

If you have Arval Total Care, or you opted to include the Maintenance package in your lease, premium replacement tyres are included in your contract, subject to our Fair Play policy on cars. This means that damaged or worn tyres are replaced inside the maintenance budget, but customers will be charged for damage caused by abuse, neglect, theft or vandalism. Replacement tyres for Light Commercial Vehicles will be charged based on the remaining tread.


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How to book a tyre fitting


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Your tread depth must be 2mm or below to book a tyre fitting. To book a fitting, you’ll need: 

  • The vehicle registration
  • Front and rear tyre sizes (see below) as these can differ.

You may be asked if the vehicle has run-flat tyres. If you’re unsure, please check with your dealer or refer to the manufacturer handbook.

You can take the car to an ATS centre, or book a mobile technician to come to you. Mobile fitting can take place at your home or work address, as long as there’s sufficient access and parking for the ATS vehicle. Mobile appointments are, of course, subject to availability, but ATS aims to provide 98% of fitting appointments within two working days.

For an appointment at an ATS centre - book online or find your nearest. For a mobile tyre fitting - call 0370 600 4499 and select option 3, then option 4.

How do I check my tyre size?


There should be a combination of numbers and letters on the sides of each tyre. The diagram below shows what each of these means.

  1. Width
  2. Profile
  3. Rim
  4. Load
  5. Speed


Frequently asked questions


There isn’t an ATS centre near me - what can I do?

ATS has over 260 centres across the UK, but if there isn't one near you, please book a mobile fitting appointment. In most cases we can get to you within 2 working days. Call 0370 600 4499 and select option 3, then option 4.

Can I book a mobile fitting appointment online?

No - these can currently only be booked by calling 0370 600 4499 (select option 3, then option 4). You can however book a fitting at an ATS centre quickly and easily online.


What if my tyres are illegal/unroadworthy, but ATS is closed?

Tyres legally need a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, so do keep an eye on them. We advise replacing at 2mm. ATS has more than 260 branches that are all open from 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 5pm on Saturdays. And almost all centres open on bank holidays.

If it’s an emergency and you discover your tyres are not legal and ATS is closed, you can get replacements fitted free of charge at Kwik Fit or National Tyres, providing you’re an Arval Total Care or Maintenance package customer - please note that you must state you are an Arval driver. Non-urgent follow-up work (e.g. alignment) must then be booked at ATS at a time to suit.

The legal limit for tyre replacement is 1.6mm, so why is the Arval policy set at 2mm?

Arval cares about your safety, so we fit premium tyres to our fleet vehicles and recommend a 2mm change policy. This provides an adequate buffer to ensure tyres don't wear beyond the legal limit.

What do I do if I have a puncture?

If you have a slow-punctured tyre, ATS will try to repair it where possible. If you have a blowout, or an unrepairable puncture, and you have taken out our breakdown cover, we’ll recover you to the nearest ATS centre.


Will my tyres be in stock?

ATS is committed to maintaining stock levels for servicing all Arval customers wherever possible. This means they try to ensure each centre stocks a good selection of tyres of the right size for the local population. ATS also follows Arval’s brand policy. This means they try, wherever possible, to fit Michelin tyres (our preferred choice is CrossClimate). If Michelin tyres are not available, an alternative premium brand such as Continental, Goodyear or Dunlop will be fitted. If you visit an ATS centre without an appointment, there is a chance that they may not have the tyres you need in stock - so we always recommend booking in advance.


If I call for a mobile appointment first thing, can I get new tyres that afternoon?

Arval’s service level agreement with ATS is based on a ‘4th window’ appointment. Each window is a morning or afternoon slot, Monday to Friday. For example, if you call on a Monday morning, you can expect to have an appointment scheduled by the 4th window from that point, which would be Wednesday morning. Shorter timescales for mobile appointments can sometimes be offered, but this is subject to the availability of technicians and tyre stock.


What if I need a replacement tyre while in Eire (Southern Ireland) or Europe?

If you have a tyre issue in Southern Ireland or Europe and you’ve already called us to arrange cover abroad, you can call Arval Assist. You’re legally required  to tell us you’re taking an Arval car outside the UK - when you do so, we set up European breakdown cover for you. But please note that tyre replacements abroad may be subject to a charge. For more information about driving abroad, click here.


What if a vehicle is in a dealer and it needs new tyres?

Arval’s policy is to use ATS for tyre replacement. So dealers are only authorised to fit tyres if the existing ones are illegal - under 1.6mm - or unroadworthy (if this is flagged while the vehicle is with the dealer, they are authorised to complete the work). Dealers will work with Arval and ATS to get the vehicle mobile with minimal inconvenience to you.


If I only need a single tyre, will it be brand matched to the rest?

ATS will look to fit other premium tyres from the Arval brand range – Michelin, Continental, or Goodyear Dunlop. This may result in different brands being used in different wheel positions on occasions, which is mechanically acceptable. We work with manufacturer guidance, where brand matching applies in axle pairs - the same applies to Michelin CrossClimate tyres.



Why does Arval recommend Michelin CrossClimate tyres?

Michelin CrossClimate tyres are market leaders for longevity, durability and safety. They also avoid the need to change seasonal tyres as the weather adapts. Michelin CrossClimate is the first standard tyre to achieve ‘3 Peaks’ accreditation as a winter tyre, which means their year-round performance is particularly suited to UK weather. In addition, Michelin CrossClimate tyres are specifically designed to meet the varying requirements of cars, vans and 4x4 vehicles, and they are available in over 120 different sizes. Please speak to your account manager for more information.

Are CrossClimate tyres available in all sizes?

Michelin makes CrossClimate tyres in over 120 different sizes, so they are suited to most vehicles. If they’re not yet available in the size required for your vehicle, ATS will fit other premium tyres from the Arval brand range (Michelin, Continental, and Goodyear Dunlop). See which CrossClimate tyres are made by Michelin.

Will I get two CrossClimates on the same axle if only one tyre needs replacing?

Michelin recommends changing in pairs on the same axle. As the CrossClimate behaves like a winter tyre in winter, you might notice the difference in improved handling and grip in colder conditions. There is no need to change all four tyres simultaneously if only the tyres on one axle need replacing.  


I have run-flat tyres – can I still use CrossClimate?

CrossClimate tyres do not have run-flat capability, and Michelin’s advice is that CrossClimates are not compatible with run-flats, even if they are on different axles. If you have run-flat tyres, ATS will replace them when worn or punctured, unless you wish to replace all four tyres with CrossClimate. ATS will request authority from Arval, as this may incur additional costs depending on the remaining tread of the tyre.

What if I don’t want CrossClimate tyres?

ATS fits a range of premium brands on behalf of Arval. Michelin CrossClimate is the ideal choice, but other Michelin, Continental, and Goodyear Dunlop tyres may also be fitted. Speak to the centre manager as soon as possible if you do not want CrossClimate tyres.

I already have winter tyres - do I need to swap tyres every spring or autumn?

If you’re a company vehicle driver and your employer has a winter tyre programme with Arval, we will talk to them about how to manage the winter tyre stock they have paid for. They may wish to continue using the existing tyres to the end of their lives or allow a changeover to CrossClimate. Someone will contact you if you need to take action.


What are Electric Vehicle (EV) tyres?

EV-specific tyres are designed to maximise performance and get the best range from the vehicle, with improved rolling resistance and reduced road noise.


What is the ATS process for EV tyre fitting?

There are no legal requirements for ATS Euromaster to fit a specific tyre to an EV or hybrid vehicle, as long as it’s the correct size, load and speed rating. ATS will try to match the brand and pattern of the tyre. If unavailable, they will try to source an alternative brand with the same characteristics (e.g. acoustic tyre). Fitting a standard tyre will be a last resort. ATS will look at the best available in terms of rolling resistance and road noise to try to match the characteristics of the previous tyre as closely as possible, to maximise battery range and minimise road noise.


Do I have to have specific tyres for my EV?

The short answer is no. Some vehicles will have a specific tyre designed to get the greatest performance from the vehicle. However, it is safe and legal to choose different tyres (e.g. Primacy 4s, CrossClimates or winter tyres). Where possible, the original tyres should be replaced with the same type. If this isn’t possible, the correct size and load ratings must be met, and tyres need to be changed in sets or a minimum of pairs.

Can you get hold of EV-specific tyres?

Yes, ATS can source EV tyres. With EV and Hybrid vehicles becoming more common across the UK, ATS is continually updating its stock policy across its 260+ centres to deliver the best possible service. By booking your fitting appointment in advance, ATS can source the tyres you need.



Do Tesla cars have to have Tesla-marked tyres?

No, Tesla-specific tyres are not essential for Tesla vehicles - others can be fitted.


Are Tesla jacking pads required to change a tyre on Tesla?

Yes, specialist jacking pads are needed because of the location of the battery beneath the vehicle. All ATS mobile vans and centres have these.