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New eLCV research helps businesses plan for Net Zero

There are more than 4.5 million Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) on the road today, yet less than 0.2% of these are electric, according to the most recent figures from the SMMT.

Thu 13/05/21

Essential facts van drivers need to know as they go electric

A new guide has today revealed the real-world range of electric vans in a host of different conditions in a bid to provide much-needed information about how far the new breed of e-vans can travel on a single charge and the impact of load on range.

Thu 13/05/21


Concerns surrounding Clean Air Zones (CAZs) are named in new research as two of the top three issues that car and van fleets believe they will face before 2026. Findings from Arval Mobility Observatory’s 2021 Barometer show that the top most common answers to the question, “What are the main challenges facing fleets in the next five years?”, were firstly the introduction of stricter CAZs (35%), followed by increased vehicle taxation (34%) and then the creation of more CAZs (30%). 

Tue 04/05/21

Nine out of 10 cars on salary sacrifice now an ev

Almost nine out of 10 (89%) of cars leased via Arval on salary sacrifice are now an electric vehicle (EV), an increase from just four out of 10 (39%) two years ago.

Wed 28/04/21

Fleets more optimistic about growth now than before pandemic

Because our company is growing or developing a new activity that requires vehicles.Because our company is growing or developing a new activity that requires vehicles.Company car and van fleets are markedly more optimistic about growth than before the pandemic, according to new research in the 2021 Arval Mobility Observatory Barometer.

Tue 27/04/21

Hydrogen car lesson pack reaches 31,000+ downloads

Teaching resources covering hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle technology have been downloaded more than 31,000 times, potentially reaching around 340,000 pupils in less than two years.

Mon 29/03/21

Quotes on electric vehicles are now available

Following the Government's update to its electric vehicle grant scheme yesterday (18 March), we’re pleased to say the majority of electric vehicle (EV) quotations are available again. As Government confirms the list of vehicles which are eligible for the grant, our systems have been updated and rate books will follow, if applicable to you.

Fri 19/03/21

Government’s updated EV grants – what happens now?

Early this morning, the Government updated its grant scheme for electric cars, vans and trucks to target less expensive models and make a greater range of affordable vehicles available. It aims to make the scheme’s funding go further and help more people switch to an electric vehicle.

Thu 18/03/21

EV surge spurs arval to debunk driver myths

As many company car drivers rush to switch to an electric vehicle (EV), sustainable mobility expert, Arval, has launched guidance to help all drivers to cut through some common EV myths.

Thu 04/03/21