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End Of Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions relating to returning your vehicle, buying your vehicle, exceeding your contract mileage and wear and tear, please see our FAQ below.

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When do I stop paying for an Arval leased vehicle that I have returned early?

Arval does not pro-rata the final rental on an early termination. This means you will be liable to pay for full monthly rentals where you had the vehicle for part of the month.

Any future dated rentals will be credited to you on the next available rental invoice if they have already been raised (due to billing periods).

When do I stop paying for a vehicle which is at the end of its contract?

You are responsible for making rental payments from the point the vehicle is delivered until it is returned.

If the vehicle invoice has been issued for the final payment, the vehicle can be collected and will be treated as a normal termination. No rentals will be credited.

If the vehicle is returned after the contract end date, the rental invoices will revert to billing in arrears at the end of the contract and continue until the vehicle is collected by our authorised supplier. Pro-rata billing will apply for the final month.

We will organise for the collection of the vehicle 5 working days after you tell us it is available and you no longer need it. We won't automatically collect the vehicle on the last day of its contract.

Fair wear and tear: Why have you charged me for wear and tear at the end of my contract?

When vehicles are returned at the end of their contract, they should be in good condition for their age and mileage and:

  • All spare keys and the service book should be in the vehicle.
  • The electronic safety features and devices must be in
  • working order.
  • There should be no rust or corrosion on any part of the bodywork or trim of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle must be roadworthy and no warning lights
  • should be illuminated.
  • The vehicle must have been inspected and serviced according to the manufacturer’s servicing/maintenance schedule.

At the end of your vehicle’s lease, we expect the vehicle to be returned in a condition which meets the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Associations (BVRLA) fair wear and tear standard.

Details of this are outlined in a comprehensive ‘Guide to Fair Wear and Tear’ issued by the BVRLA. 

More details and a guide to returning your vehicle can be found on our BVRLA Guidelines page.

If damage has occured  which is not deemed fair wear and tear you are responsible for compensating us financially.

Why is VAT not included in a fair wear and tear invoice?

The charge is treated as compensation because we do not undertake the repair and therefore the charges are exempt from VAT. This charge is to compensate us for the damage caused to our vehicle and the impact of this on its value. This is standard industry practice.

To avoid these costs at the end of the lease, you can have the damage repaired before the vehicle is returned to us.

More details and a guide to returning your vehicle can be found on our BVRLA Guidelines page.

Buying my vehicle: I would like to buy my Arval leased vehicle – how do I go about it?

If you’re within three months of the end of your contract, use this link to generate a quote - driversales.arval.co.uk/

Excess mileage: What happens if I exceed my contracted mileage?

When you return your vehicle, we will calculate any over mileage at the agreed pence per mile rate.

Any charges will be billed within 90 days from the date of your vehicle collection.

If a vehicle is returned before the Contract Term, we may also charge for any excess mileage on the vehicle. This will be calculated on a pro-rata’d basis by looking at the daily mileage allowance multiplied by the total number of days the vehicle has been in service with the Hirer.

How do I arrange collection of my vehicle at the end of the contract?

You can use this form to request collection of your vehicle: www.arval.co.uk/collection-request.  

If your vehicle is returned prior to the MOT expiry date you do not need to renew or complete a new MOT.  Your vehicle needs to remain insured by you until the collection has taken place. 

Please note we cannot collect vehicles if there are any warning lights on. If your vehicle has a warning light you will need to arrange servicing or repairs before returning the vehicle. Please call us on 0345 266 5287 if you need more information.

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