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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions relating to invoicing, monthly rentals, vehicle road fund charges, billing, and direct debits please see below.

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When will I start paying for my vehicle?

Your initial payment will be taken once we have been notified that you have accepted delivery of the vehicle. This payment will be collected via direct debit on or around 10 working days after.   If you are unsure of the amount of your initial payment you can view this on the page one of your contract or the quotation.

You will then be charged monthly for the duration of the vehicle term.  For details of when these payments will be taken, please contact Arval and ask for a copy of our invoicing FAQ’s for your vehicle.

Will I receive an invoice?

Some of our customers receive paper invoices and some have electronic versions available online if required. To understand what you have set up or to change it, please contact Arval.

Why am I being charged for an additional amount for the road fund licence?

The government annually reviews the road fund licence cost. Any change to that value (whether charges or credits) will be passed back to you as a non-standard charge following the purchase of the road fund licence.

Why has my monthly rental changed after my contract ended?

It is your responsibility to return the vehicle at the end of your contract.  If your vehicle has not been returned as required, then your monthly payment will reset to the actual true monthly rental.

You will be aware that when you first entered into your contract, you made an initial payment which was applied across the term of your contract. This initial payment adjusted the amount you actually paid each month. At the end of the contract that initial payment has effectively been used up and so any payments after that will be for the actual monthly rental without that discount applied to it. 

Please contact your Arval account team as soon as possible to arrange for your vehicle to be collected.


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