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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions relating to invoicing, monthly rentals, vehicle road fund charges, billing, and direct debits please see below.

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After paying my initial rentals in advance why am I then being charged several monthly rentals?

We invoice you for the initial rentals upon vehicle delivery. Depending on the timing there may be a gap before the vehicle appears on the normal monthly rental invoice. This could be for several reasons:

  • The delivery date is after our invoice production date. Our invoices are downloaded for production 4 working days before the invoice date to allow time for them to be dispatched. This means if your vehicle is delivered on the 27th of the month, it will not appear on the following monthly invoice.
  • If your account is new there can sometimes be a delay with the direct debit mandate being set up and accepted by your bank. In some instances, this can result in more than one rental payment being taken to cover the previous monthly rental period. All rental periods are dated on the invoice. You become responsible for rental payments from the date of delivery.


Why am I being charged for an additional amount for the road fund licence?

This charge or credit is for the difference between the cost of the road fund licence at the point of quotation and any changes which occur during the lease, because the government annually amends road fund licence costs. Any changes to that value (whether charges or credits) will be passed back to you in the invoice following the purchase of the road fund licence.

Road fund licence costs are not applicable to used vehicle contracts. 

Why have you started billing me for a vehicle that wasn’t on last months invoice?

You are responsible for paying rentals from the point the vehicle is delivered until it is returned to us.

During the contract life we bill you for the vehicle in advance. However, when it reaches the end of the contract we revert to billing in arrears and automatically apply a pro-rata charge to the last rental based on the number of days you had the vehicle for. This change means that the vehicle will disappear from your invoice before appearing again in arrears the month after.

If you no longer wish to use the vehicle then please contact us and we will collect it.

Why has my monthly rental increased after my contract ended?

This occurs when you have paid additional rentals as an initial payment, but also continued to pay rentals throughout the whole contract. This means that the extra initial payment
rentals act to reduce your monthly average. However, once the vehicle is outside of the contract, the monthly rental will revert to the higher amount that would have been applicable if the additional rentals hadn’t been in place.

When will my direct debit be taken?

Rental invoices include total rentals payable for all vehicles for the relevant period and any other charges or fees for vehicle related services.

Invoices are:

  • Sent on a monthly basis
  • Dispatched on or near the 1st of each month
  • Paid within 15 days of the date of invoice
  • Direct Debit is taken between 15-17th of each month


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